Fotis Chatzisaris

FOUNDER & ADVISOR I Chemical Engineering

Once upon a time, I was the Chapter Leader! Actually, I founded the chapter in October 2014 and led it for 2 years, inspiring over 30 young student members, publishing 5 articles, participating at Hello Tomorrow, Researchers Night GreeceRE-Greece Symposium, RMEI Michelangelo Workshop and various other outreach activities.

My current mission as Advisor and Executive Board member is to help students unleash their creativity and form high ambitions through their participation in the team, while at the same time, I build the strategy for the future growth of the team. Besides, I also serve as Chief Operating Officer in the International Team, overseeing European chapters and opening new –email me to create it together!!!

Truth be told, I enjoy more speaking about exponential technologies, life in 2050 and how to integrate science in things people will use in the future, provoking others’ imagination too, than simply publishing. That’s why, in January 2016, I initiated, with my team from the chapter here, the weekly InnovationLab, a meeting point for students and innovators alike, enabling the first get inspired from the latter. Given this interest of mine, outside of The Triple Helix, I work on reinventing daily dental care with Palette Dentals.

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“Although there is no exact definition of success, I deem it as the situation when one’s accomplishments enable others achieve even greater”, Fotis Chatzisaris