Vasilis Karakostas

OPERATIONS ASSISTANT I Electrical Engineering

I am an undergraduate student at Electrical and Computer Engineering department. My goal is to make science more reliable inside the society and create inspiring opportunities for students, resulting in making their studies more innovative and fun. I also voluntarily organise conferences and I am currently trying to create an interactive event in the local community with the contribution of the local public library. My greatest mission is to inspire young people by giving them positive prospects and motivate them to become active members in favour of the society. The Triple Helix gives me the opportunity to work for a better future and learn things that I could never possibly learn in any course. I really enjoy meeting and communicating with optimistic people and expanding my horizons. Now you may start thinking how it would be to be part of The Triple Helix: the fast wheel for the society of tomorrow.

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“The more far you see, the more far you can go.”